Morning Tea (feature film)

Morning Tea (feature film)

Salwa, Serge and Andrew, three people living separate lives, are diagnosed with terminal diseases; their paths cross when they attend a group therapy session where they meet Milan, a manic depressive, and they become friends. 

Milan talks of suicide and tries to convince the others that it will save them from a slow and painful death. Salwa and Andrew, who were both deserted by their partners when their illnesses were discovered, are persuaded and Milan promises that their former partners will be punished. Serge remains sceptical but agrees to help his friends. 

Andrew takes an overdose, surrounded by his friends and days later Salwa takes her life in the same way. Serge makes a decision and confides in his girlfriend who stands by him. She learns of Milan’s plan to die and they pay him a visit and try and convince him he has much to live for as he is not facing a terminal illness.

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